Thanks a boatload for the evil, Google


I woke up this morning to find, upon checking my RSS subscriptions that apparently Google is killing off Reader. This was something of the last shred of “clean design” that Google had. It was (is for another three months) a great way to pull your blog and news RSS subscriptions together and read them simply, without the bullshit of Facebook, Twitter, or whatever else getting in your way. Obviously this was way too easy to use in this day and age of hyper-social so it just had to go.

People, are pissed. In this post by pro-hole (still don’t know what that means) San Franciscan and 2011 mayoral write-in candidate, Mat Honan, a commenter left what pretty much summed up everything that has been great about Google Reader:

Here’s my problem with it going away. It seems the “social” aspects are being pushed upon us more and more… G+, FB, etc. That’s fine if I want to leisurely scroll through tons and tons of bullshit posts by friends. I turn to Reader when I need or want only the meat and potatoes. Sure, you could probably have the same thing in G+, but I’m sorry, I’m a geek, and I want RAW material, not the fluff that comes with it!

I checked out of Facebook and LinkedIn for these very reasons. While I’m still on Twitter, I don’t really use it to read things as the fart stream of information on there is too much to handle. I like clean and elegant when reading online as the unread stack of books next to my bed will attest to.

So, you can sign a petition to keep it. I don’t know why as Google has been dry humping the evil shark for a couple of years now, basically since they went public. Me, it appears I’m going to try out Feedly as they’re jumping on this situation to replace Reader. I had tried the service in the past, but only linking it to Twitter which hurt most all of my digestive tract.

Of course, what’s really going to annoy me is that there is no reader tracking at all in Feedly. In Google Reader, I could see how many subscribers there were to a specific site. Now, nothing. It would be great if you somehow added that in, Feedly, nudge nudge.

I guess that’s not supposed to matter though and it’s really all about the metrics of who clicks on each article, or shares it on Facebook, or provides a high-end ROI for advertising. At the risk of sounding like the old timer in the room (as really, at 36, I am) I’m not liking where our web is heading one bit I tell you.

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  1. Hah, i read your post using the Feedly plug-in for Chrome, which I started using this morning after finding out about the Reader’s demise!

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