Terrifying in that it Sorta Works

So, the big thing making the rounds in the last few days is Microsoft’s Songsmith. Basically, it’s a terrorizing anti-karaoke machine. You sing and it makes the music for you. The possibilities are nearly endless and I pray, pray, pray to the almighty that American Idol audition tapes are going to surface showing people using this because really, that, not the hipster, will be the ultimate end of Western Civilization.
Anyways, some joker decided that if he stripped out the vocals from popular songs, he could send them through a reeducation process with Songsmith. The first one that works in a weird ass, ironic Radiohead kind of way is their song Creep:

Then we have Rick Astley who is so incredibly famous for Never Gonna Give You Up which gets more air time for Rickrolling than anything else these days. While a piece of pop past its prime, the slightly lemon-tinged addition of metal guitars really makes the song shine, which you’ll have to view here as this sucka doesn’t allow embeds.
And maybe it’s just because I got so increbily sick of Buddy Holly by Weezer, that I find this new version a breath of fresh air until it gets to the chorus: