Technology maps Catalonia a new asshole

TomTom, glorious purveyor of all things related to GPS and driving (and the “regalo perfecto” according to their website) is really screwing Catalonia via half-assed technology that people are taking as infallible. The problem, as explained in this article is that TomTom (and probably others) says that by going through a dinky little village called, Creixell, you can shave off a couple of minutes in transferring from one highway to another. Of course, what TomTom fails to realize is that trucks simply don’t fit through the town.

You can see the obvious issue above or look at the map here on the right. It’s important to note that even the center of the village is off, which totally ruins all my aerial bombing plans…

You can also view a video here wherein a resident shows a litany of trucks that have gotten stuck over the years. TomTom is much to blame for this as their coverage of Spain ranges from poor to confusing and the fact that they’re the ones providing map data to Google has made things worse all around. For instance, you will often see a confusing overlay or Spanish and Catalan street names in Barcelona on Google Maps. While it’s one thing to use “calle” (Castellano) or “carrer” (Catalan), it’s a whole other to completely translate a street name from the Catalan that every resident uses to some name in Castellano that no one understands.

Of course, there is another point to be made here that we’re getting far too reliant on technology as shown by a couple that was stranded in Nevada recently. We need not fear our future technology overlords as it appears our general lackadaisical nature will kill us off first.

A bit of an after-the-fact item in that you can read more of this idiocy that Google tossed on Catalonia with their a Maps update. Although, in poking around now (10, January) it seems to be a bit better.