Tasting Teabox


Admittedly, I am a bit slow these days in getting up new tea reviews. I generally have a backlog of them as well as wine samples to work through, so firstly, apologies to Teabox who sent me several of their teas a few months back. I immediately loved the packaging and overall concept (as you can see above) so I ripped in to them quite quickly only to find my water filter was on the fritz (you have to filter in Spain as the water is way too hard for tea) and not allowing the teas to show as well as they should.

Now having all of that fixed up, I’ve re-tasted the teas and have thoroughly enjoyed them. Basically, they are part of a new wave of “direct from” businesses that have popped up in the last few years. In the case of tea, it makes a great deal of sense as why should the leaves be sent to the UK or US to be blended and then sent elsewhere? Why not just send them directly from where they’re grown to where they need to go? So is the concept of Teabox.

It appears that in the months after getting the samples, their format and look has changed a bit and to a large extent gotten slicker although the box I received wasn’t the least bit shabby. I suppose it was due to how I answered their sign up form, but in the end I received three teas which you can read about here, here, and here as well as their main page in my tea review section.

Now, onward to more!