Take a Look at This

For those who are in the know, but haven’t heard, Google has launched a new analysis tool for websites called Google Analytics. Overall, it’s pretty cool. It offers one or two features that I don’t have in my current analysis tools which makes it fun, so I’m using it for the time being. The fact that Google is getting all my web stats is more than a tad unnerving to say the least, but I suppose it’s the price you pay for getting such a system free and I’ll see how long it’s worth my using it. On a couple of sites that I have which are not hosted on my server, it is extremely useful since they don’t offer any stats tools.
The craziest thing about this system is that it used to be a company called Urchin or something like that. Like all good gigantic companies, Google bought them up and is now offering their system. They’ve changed very little about the system, even calling it “urchin” in some places. What’s fun though, is to look at the Javascript that drives this whole thing, here. That’s hairy. I suppose it has to be considering what it does and I’m sure that the systems on the other end are equally as morbid.
So, I’ll see how it goes with this. Maybe let it run and get some idea of things and where people are (the Geography locator is pretty damn cool) to see how best to redesign Cinefuse. Also, I’m really interested to see if this system will in some way alter the AdWords system by making them more targeted geographically, system-wise, or whatever else that they’re learning and didn’t know before. Otherwise, I’m still an AWStats kind of guy.