Take your fountaining seriously


It was something like two years ago that I first visited Santa Coloma de Farners. Some friends from Barcelona were slumming (as well as juleping) it up in the country and we needed to figure out somewhere to take them. The main appeal of Santa Coloma was that it was another town and it wasn’t the village near the farmhouse which is essentially a bedroom community of the much larger Girona. In poking around, I also discovered that there was a bizarre fountain that emerges from a rock over there that flows year round and has delicious water.

It seems that I never wrote up anything about it for some reason but I mention it now as while the water at the farmhouse is safe to drink once pushed through a reverse osmosis filter, I happen to like the taste of the Santa Coloma water a great deal better and I head over there every couple of weeks with some empty jugs to fill up as well as stock up on whatever bizarre things Lidl may have. Of course in venturing there more, the charm of the town has worn off and the fact that it is chocked full of low-class Moroccans is plain to see. Also easily seen is that people in the village take filling up on water at the fountain super seriously.

The Africans in the town as well as the Moroccans do everything the hard way and show up with 20 eight liter bottles to fill up (you’re supposed to only do two at a time) and then lug them over to the road which is about 100m away to then overload their cars. I have no idea why anyone would need this many bottles and I can only assume that they’re offering some form of “service” to pick up water for other people.

The Catalan locals take a different approach. They roll up with a small cart, three bottles (one for each spigot) fill up and roll off. There are even guys like the one pictured above who have custom make a cart exactly for this purpose which is no end of easier looking to me and shows that when you’ve a delicious fountain in town, don’t screw around. The folks up in Agullana still have a thing or two to learn on this front.