Take your Brazo de Gitano and eat it

I don’t get nearly as rabid about the desserts in Spain as I do about the meats, but there are still one or two that start the drool a-flowing. One such item is the Brazo de Gitano which for some reason, on the English Wikipedia is called, a Swiss roll when it reality, it should be translated for what it is, “a gypsy’s arm”. What it lacks in civility, it by far makes up for in deliciousness. Yes, there are plenty of crappy versions of this sweet, but when it’s good, it’s simply to die for.

Basically, it’s a creamy center wrapped in a sponge cake and covered with a light glaze. It’s easy to see where any one of those items could make the entire ensemble fall flat on its face. There is one shop that makes one of the consistently best versions of this dessert that I’ve ever encountered and that’s Can Biel in Fornells de la Selva.

Think of what they make as similar to the best Baskin & Robbins ice cream cake you’ve ever had along with a hand job tossed on the side. That’s pretty much the level of where it’s at. Naturally, there are other places that make Brazo de Gitano just as well, but I have no need to venture to them as Can Biel has, to date more than met my needs.