Tagging and Better Buying

Nothing really new here to be honest. It was just something that I wanted to set up and it didn’t take all the long. Well, that’s not true, since I had to rewrite the way that articles are displayed, but it was worth it cos now it’s mo better.
So, you can now click on the tags and pull up articles that share those themes. Yeah, I know, whoohoo. It’s really something you do for the search engines more than anything else.
But, even so, I had a specific purpose in mind. I wanted to start tagging articles because the state of consumerism in this country sucks. Musing about that led me to want to recount little stories here and there where I made a conscious effort to not purchase cheaply made goods just to save a buck. It’s an effort to not bow to the all-consuming attitude that seems to have gripped this country. It’s also because after watching various documentaries on sweatshops that run outside the US, I simply can’t buy products made in those factories.
Many would say that you don’t have much of a choice and on some fronts this is somewhat true. Really though, you always have a choice and from now on, I’m going to tag articles with “Better Buying” if I feel that what I write about could point people in the direction that is opposite to what seems to be the general state of mind right now.
Yeah, I know, you’re sitting there wondering, “Has Hudin gotten preachy?” Kinda, but not really. I’ll still talk about whackos walking around with frozen turkeys when the opportunity arises.