T-Mobile SDA? Adios!

So, my RAZR V3 crapped out on me some time ago. It just wouldn’t hold a charge long enough to be worth anything to me and after trying new batteries and chargers, I realized I was going to be better off just getting a new phone. Down to the T-Mobile Store I went!
Choosing a new phone is like choosing a new puppy at the Dog Pound. If you like technology as I do, figuring out which one of all the new, gleaming gadgets to choose is a hard thing to do. Of course, I gotta get a quad band phone for traveling to Europe, which limits the choices right away. That being what is was, I ended up with the T-Mobile SDA. It’s a cool phone. It runs Windows Mobile 5.0 and you can browse for WiFi spots with it to get on the Net. The screen is great. It takes MiniSD ram cards that can store anything. It has an MP3 player on it that doesn’t have a 100 song limit like anything that Crapple does with their iTunes. In a nutshell, it has features through the roof and down the block.
This was my big problem with it actually. After having a RAZR which is really just a stylish phone and not much more, getting all this other stuff was a bit tragic. While being able to get on the Net so easily was great, it also kinda sucked, since you only have the standard 10 key pad to enter info in which and lemme tell you, that’s not the most enjoyable thing to enjoy web addresses with. The phone is also too bulky. It’s not when you take in to account everything it does, but at the same time, for being in a phone format, it is simply too thick. The other thing that drove me nuts was how low on the phone the keypad was. I have huge hands (not alluding to anything here, just a fact) and the keypad being as low as it was, made it hard to use. The action on the keys was really good though and for someone with smaller hands, it would probably work great.
So, my final word, is, nice phone, just a little too much of this and that. I’d recommend for most folks who need this kind of functionality to get the Blackberry 8700g or the T-Mobile MDA. For me and my current needs, I picked up a Samsung t809. So far, I really like the phone, but have had some trouble getting it connected to my computer and the DRM (Digital Rights Management) crap for MP3 ringtones makes my head want to explode. Thankfully there are easy workarounds for the later which just goes to show how stupid DRM is. My phone, my music, what the hell?