T-Men of Polk Street

I don’t think I’ll ever get used to them. You know who I’m talking about. Those men who dress up as women. I won’t dare say their common name as it’s brought far too many unwanted linkings from Google & Yahoo to my site.
Here I am, going on eight years that I’ve lived in the Bay Area, nearly three of which have been in San Francisco proper and I just can’t get used to these guys, let alone the fact that men will pay to have sex with them. That I will simply never understand, much like trying to picture infinity in my head or voting for Arnold.
I posted about this some while back when I first moved in to the City and was perturbed from a chance encounter along Sutter. Today however, I’m walking along and there’s this one black guy dressed up with his (or her I guess when they’re in the getup) hair all made up. But he/she was walking around in circles having a violent conversation with no one but him/herself. Walking quickly and further down Polk at around California, this six foot tall one comes up the street. He wasn’t nearly as done up, but was still funky with makeup and some kind of women’s hair cut going on. For some reason he looked at me as I walked past and asked, “Are you a swinger?”
That’s just a flat-out weird question for anyone to ask, but coming from a six foot tall guy with makeup and heels on–oh yeah, forgot about them, that made him taller than me–it’s a mind-fuck. Naturally my answer to pretty much anyone from any gender and sexual fixation is “No, not really.” in that case, but still the damage was done. I now have this etched in my mind as I journey onward.
This is in no way a negative statement about Polk Street though as I find it to be a great street with a lot of good things on it. You just have to watch yourself in the Lower Loin Polk as oppoed to the Upper Polk. Lower is a good place to see WhoaMen, while upper is a good place to Womyn, Yuppies, and dogs.