Swan Lake

It’s something of a moot point at this point since this ballet is over at the SF Ballet but given that a friend of mine reviewed the version of the ballet she saw in New York, I was feeling left out. My review will not be nearly as articulate I fear as her command of the English language is absurd.
I have to say that this is a good performance. It wasn’t great though. While the overall theatrics and showmanship were good, it felt like the dancers were tired. Things weren’t quite in sync and it had a feeling like everyone doing it was ready for it to be done. I can understand this as it’s a rather long ballet to put on and they must be exhausted by the end of it.
Parts of it reminded me of The Nutcracker performance I saw a year ago. They weren’t quite even and it seemed like they tried to make up for the uneveness by putting more people on stage and having more props than usual. To be honest, I think that this performance was only slightly better than The Nutcracker which was the weakest shows I’ve seen by this company, but once again, I think I may be catching these things near the end of their run when everyone is pretty worn out.
The music was brilliant and perfect though. If the orchestra had any flaws, I couldn’t hear them, which is something I usually do, since I play music and can hear the bits that are out of tune or a little off. It’s something of a blessing when you play, but more of a curse when you watch things. A slightly out of tune first chair violin will crush a performance.
On a side note, as my date and I were walking in, these two striking women were pulling in to the parking lot in a BMW Z4. One glimpse could tell me they were Russians. Then, funny enough, they ending up in the balcony with us and my suspicions were shown to be even more true as they walked in wearing very nice furs, which weren’t like Americanize furs that are the whole animal, but just a bit around the areas that touch you. It’s these subtle things that really give Russians class and distinction. Another thing was that they were sitting in the Balcony Circle which are good seats, but not the most expensive seats; probably the best balance of price and quality. I still don’t know for 100% that they were Russian, but I do feel the need to upgrade my tickets…