Suspicious Looking Packages Largely Commonplace

Following ramped-up security in London following the recent bomb attacks over there, the US (home of the ever-present, always-possible terrorist attack) transit agencies have stepped up their security as well. Apparently in a new break from the overall color coding scheme, individual areas can have their color upgraded, such as I’ve seen lately in Bart with its level “orange”. I’m a little afraid what will happen when there is a hot fuscia alert for the airports and a cool mint green alert issued for the taxis. The results are too much to contemplate and a true crime against humanity.
Anyways, back to the orange that we’ve got these days. The net result has been a rather impressive sweeping of the Bart trains looking for suspicious packages (aka a bomb in a box) that hasn’t really materialized.
Like most plans in the post-9/11 days, this latest effort is a good effort but vastly misdirected. While there was the off chance that someone would put a bomb on Bart, what are the chances really? First of all, anyone who would do this would know that there was tighter security and it would be a pretty stupid thing to try. And why is it that one event in one part of the world has to trigger reactions everywhere else. After the twin towers fell, we didn’t see Britain or France go nuts and raise their levels to “orange” did we. Why? Well, unfortunately they’ve gotten rather jaded to the whole terrorist thing since they’ve been dealing with it for awhile and it seems they’ve kind of accepted it as a way of life. After all, it is true that terrorist activity is a pretty extreme anomaly designed just to garner attention and if you don’t give it that attention, then you rob of it of all its strength, something akin to that Simpsons Halloween episode where if you stopped looking at the rampaging billboards, they died out.
Once again, the transit anti-terror effort was great. It was good to see people patroling the cars up and down before we headed through the Transbay Tube, but I’ve noticed the effort dying down lately as the events that happened start to simmer. I’m sure that the people doing the checking had delusions of grandeur as they walked the trains, thinking they’d be the one to karate chop the would-be terrorist and foil their nefarious plot (face it, we’ve all thought it, okay fine, maybe just I admit it then!) Now as they walk down and are confronted with having to pick up yet another pile of garbage somebody left on the train which is seriously unbomb-like, they completely ignore this box I was carrying. Sure, I don’t look like the typical terrorist (whatever the hell that looks like these days, remember Timothy McVeigh was a white boy) but I got this motherboard that came in a white cardboard box with a handle on the top. It really looked like something you’d see in a movie as being a bomb, but is not what they look like at all in real life as shown by the dastardly shoebox nail bomber in the UK. As the car walkers passed by me, they didn’t bat an eye at it. No questions, no weirdness.
I’m sure all of this will pass again and with it, we’ll step further up or down another step (depending on how you look at it) in to our 21st century existence with terrorists.