Surprise Parties are Lame

I was the recent victim in the planning of a surpise party over the weekend. Needless to say, I don’t like these parties and I’m of the opinion that they are either a) a misled attempt at kindness based on the fun we all remember from lame 1980’s sitcoms or b) mainly for the benefit of the planner. I’ve gotten to like a parties and having parties a lot as I’ve gotten older, but if anyone ever did a surprise party for me, I’d turn a firehose on all the guests. I mean, it’s just kinda crappy because you sorta mope around wondering where everyone might be and then all these people you’ve thought were losers are suddenly in your house. That’s not my idea of a good birthday.
While there are many stories (um… more like urban legends) of these things going awry, I think that one of the reasons Six Feet Under kicks ass is because of the one episode where they had a surprise party and it just kinda pissed off Nate. The last thing you want when turning a new degree is a surprise, yet everyone keeps trying to do them. Maybe we need legislation to prevent this.