Support the Opening of an American Apparel Store on Valencia

So, while I can imagine what hate mail I might receive in the future about this, I have to sit back, snort, and laugh at the whole issue of an American Apparel store opening on Valencia Street in San Francisco. It’s got a great many people pissed off as they try to save their neighborhood from the encroachment of corporations being that the only chain store there now is a T-Mobile. I do admit that I like the area, but no more than say Hayes Valley, Upper Polk, North Beach, Union, 24th in Noe, Potrero Hill, Cole Valley, Castro, NOPA, or… one of the countless other neighborhoods in San Francisco. This town is a city of neighborhoods and due to the geography of the town, it pretty much always will be no matter how many big box or mom and pop stores come and go.
So, I have to say that the Stop American Apparel group is a group that I find annoying. They can try and fight this all they want, but let’s look at a few basic truths.
1. The Mission/Valencia area is full of hipsters.
2. Hipsters shop the crap out of American Apparel and AA caters to their look.
3. It’s okay to have other AA stores just so long as they’re not in the hipsters’ neighborhood.
4. If this place opens, all those who opposed it will shop there because…
5. Hipsters have no backbone as they cave in to one ironic cultural favorite to another and…
6. AA is opening the store there because they know that they’ll sell a lot.
If someone can get beyond this and tell me why AA shouldn’t open there, I’d love to hear it. I mean, it’s not like it’s a Denny’s opening there because a Denny’s wouldn’t do that due to the fact no one would go to it. The people who live in this area have brought this upon themselves and fighting it is like trying to fight the need for oxygen.
And folks, really, other stores will come and go. If you really want to stop them, then let them dump squatloads of money in to opening the store and then don’t shop there. That’s how you really stop these things. If enough chain stores come and go in an area, then no other chain stores will want to open there because then it’s absolutely proven that people buy local. But dammit, everyone there knows damned well that they’re going to shop at a local AA because, “Oh man, I didn’t want too, but I needed new tube socks and it was just like, right there.” and that, that is the reason people don’t want the store.
Support the Opening of an American Apparel Store on Valencia