Super Unbelievable

So, it appears that according to the Washington Post (who make you have to log in to read full articles, boo…) that the Smithsonian Museum has recently removed an exhibit of the GM EV1 which for those who don’t know was one of the American auto industry’s only successful attempts to create a fully electric car and think outside the very large, dank box they are in. It is a project that they pretty much killed even though people like Francis Ford Coppola loved them. This has also spawned a very timely movied entitled Who Killed the Electric Car? which is bound to be an informative piece at the very least and probably and eye-opener in how the American auto industry is going to crumble just like they did in the 1980’s because they have no vision and are just greed at this point with no innovation.
What’s really interesting in this bit with the Smithsonian is not so much that they pulled the exhibit (museums do that all the time) but more that GM happens to be a rather large donor to the museum. I mean, think about it. Why would you pull an exhibit just before free publicity about it comes out? Makes no sense to me unless you want to keep your giant corporate sugar daddy happy.
It’s really all for naught though. General Motors makes terrible cars. The only reason you’d buy one today is because you think you’re supporting American jobs. Sure, you are in some respect, but a vast number of Japanese cars are manufactured in the US now as well (I know for a fact that both Toyota and Nissan have plants around the country.) But, have you ridden in a GM lately? They’re terrible. You feel like the thing is going to fall apart on you at any instant. When I rent a car, I usually have to choose between the Chevy Aveo and the Ford Focus because they’re the cheapies to rent. I’ll always choose the Ford if I can, since it’s actually not that bad of a car. My fear of the Aveo was backed up by a friend who rented one recently to have it die on him in the middle of nowhere.
Anyways, boo to the Smithsonian for pulling the exhibit. And boo to GM for being a staunch set of blockheads. Enjoy your constantly escalating lossses. You don’t get how to make good cars and you don’t understand that the internal combustion engine is dead technology.