Super Illegal. Super Soapy. Super Boxy.

Yesterday, I had the enjoyment of “scaling” Bernal Heights for the first time in the nearly ten years that I’ve lived in the Bay Area. Yeah, truly pathetic. But, at least I finally made it out there and in the process realized that I had missed out on one of the most spectacular views in the city. Now I understand why all these families have move there and caused the rechristening of “Maternal Heights”. It is a place that you really can raise kids and have a dog and hurtle yourself down the hill on a winding road in a shaky car you built yourself.
Yes, yesterday was the Illegal Soap Box Derby for 2007 in San Francisco. I would gladly link to a site for it, but apparently it is so illegal and so underground that they don’t even have a website. In San Francisco, this is unheard of. Or maybe it’s just that no one really got around to it as they were busy putting the finishing touches on their rabbit head or beer bottle holder for the car.
Ultimately, the event is just a screwy thing. From what I saw, there was no prize other than bragging rights and showing up with a cool soapbox. While the shark car and aforementioned rabbit suit were cool, there were no cubicles setting off down the hill.
As to why it’s illegal is the fact that (I think) it’s because you’re not allowed to race in the street or block off a street without a permit. Also, the drinking and driving isn’t looked upon too fondly either. But given that no cops showed up and the “street” is really this windy bit of asphalt that dead ends at the top of the peak, it made me wonder how illegal it was. Regardless, it made for some good shots and a great walk over Bernal.
Super Illegal.  Super Soapy.  Super Boxy.