Super Bummed

Well, I’m not suprised, but Eric Fensler got slapped with what amounts to a cease and desist letter from Hasbro for his remade GIJOE PSA’s that he had done at
You can’t see them now, except for scattered bits here and there across the web, but they were brilliant. For anoyone of Gen X-Z, you will probably remember these things as the Public Service Announcements that came on at the end of the GIJOE cartoon and had some doofy looking kid saying “Know I know! and then one of the cartoon characters saying, “And knowing is half the battle.” At any rate, Eric had remixed and recut all of them into brilliant little clips. Unfortunately, he used the GIJOE logo at the end of the clips. This is probably what really got him whacked when it came time for a legal smack down, since blantant logo use and in this case, animated logo use will always burn you.
I’m not sure how it’s going to go with the clips themselves, since they were done in a way that may have allowed Fair Use laws to come in to play. But, there may have been too much of the clips and too much original material, which would give Hasbro a very strong leg to stand on.
Naturally, this is just a case of a company protecting its trademarks and a lawyer doing what they’re paid to do, so it’s pretty hard to be mad at them. But man, those things sure were tasty.
If you can find them somewhere, the one with BBQ (I think that’s his name) where he yells out “Porkchop Sandwiches!” is brilliance that isn’t found in much abundance these days.