Sunday Morning Zen

For the last two weekends, I’ve gotten up much, much earlier than I really would have ever wanted to. The weekend previous to last was to get up for my film shoot I won’t stop talking about. This last weekend was to go to a friend’s wedding which I had an onerous time of reaching due to renting a car and a whole bunch of other zaniness.
Despite the overall busy strife and pace that both days set before me, I realized something I had forgotten about; San Francisco is very peaceful in the early Sunday morning. You get the feeling that minus a couple of dog walkers and early morning joggers, the city is yours. There’s something nice in that, as this is a very beautiful city that I enjoy having to myself at times. And if the fog has rolled in overnight, sometimes you get this moment just as the sun is lifting and burning it away that makes you pause and breath in the damp air before it vanishes to make way for the day.
The catch in all of this is of course getting up early on a Sunday. Some might be thinking that you can get up early anytime of the week and see this. Not so unfortunately. There are folks going to work quite early around here and it seems that Sunday is the only day where everyone really takes their day of rest and if you’re lucky, you’ll get that space between the long breaths of this urban land.