Summer is Here!

Most everywhere else, people seem to see Labor Day Weekend as the end of summer and so there’s this huge push to go out, do barbecues, do camping, driving, travelling, etc. in this last weekend before it’s no more fun and games. Of course, everywhere else in the country has seasons, which is something that San Francisco seems to be rather lax on. Well, it’s true, there is basically September-October which is summer and then there’s the rest of the year.
I was lucky enough to rent a convertable to drive around in over this three-day weekend and that was mighty fun, since it is one of the few times here where you can actually put the top down and not have to wear a parka in order to avoid hypothermia. Of course it was unfortunate that the car was a Chrysler Sebring, which is this gutless, pokey, bumpy car that makes me wish I had gone with the Toyota Prius instead.
But, at any rate, summer is here for the next two months SF, so get on out and enjoy it!