Summer calls for iced sun tea

There are those occasional glimpses of what hint at summer in San Francisco (meaning that the day might reach 26C for high) and when those days happen, I try to take advantage of them. One such thing that’s great when made from the sun is “sun tea”. For this, I generally use whatever cheap black tea I have lying around. Earl Grey is a decent one if it’s cut with something else as it’s generally too strong by itself. I personally hate Earl Grey, but the sweetness of the Bergamot, when made via this method and then chilled, works out quite well.

My “recipe” consists of about two scoops of loose leaf tea per half liter of ambient temperature water, fresh from the tap. Don’t use filtered water or it gets too de-oxygenated and the tea isn’t as good. So, for a 1.8L (also known as two quarts) jar, I tend to put in about 6-7 scoops of tea.

Cap it and put it somewhere mighty sunny for about 4-5 hours like your roof. Once the time has elapsed, bring it in, strain out the leaves and chill it to your preferred temperature. Pour up a cup and toss in a spoonful or two of sugar (or not, although I like it). A squeeze of lemon can be nice as well.

It’s all mighty refreshing on a warm day, even for those who don’t like tea nearly as much as coffee.