Suit and the Wannabe

I’ve been running around a lot today, trying to keep both the Walnut Creek and San Francisco computers up and running, which is no simple feat, since they are about 25 miles apart from one another and I don’t have a car. At the very least, it will get me in shape, for my forthcoming Europe trip, which will most definitely be a lot of walking, although sans computers…
At any rate, as I was walking through the Financial District in SF this morning, I heard some loud chackalcking behind me. Some black wannabe thug kid, was walking up the street behind me and a few other people. He was yelling out whatever he felt like, which in this case was probably some crappy rap song, since was really vulgar and annoying beyond all degree. Obviously he was doing it for attention and of course, he got it. I guess that made his day. At any rate, I didn’t really pay him much heed, since I see idiots like him on the Bart all the time, which is why I bring headphones.
For some reason some dude in a suit decided he was going to talk on thug-boy and told him he needed to shut up. Now, suit guy was not in the wrong. This kid was a royal pain in the ass, but I’ve found it’s always better to feign ignorance with these kids, since they have nothing better to do than get into it with you. Which… is exactly what happened in this case. The kid started trying to lure the guy into a fight. You can’t understand how ridiculous this kid looked, trying to start a fight with a guy in a three piece suit at the corner of Montgomery and California (basically the very heart of the high-rises and financial buildings.) The guy realized that it was a losing battle unless he wanted to pummel the kid and honestly, had he started, I probably would have helped him if he needed it, since these kids are a pain in the ass and they aren’t decreasing in number and some of them need to learn you don’t just run up and start mouthing off to anyone you feel like, since you think you’re the shit. Many people who have done that have ended up dead. Case in point was a stupid wannabe cowboy guy in hometown who went to pick a fight with a Mexican guy who he had it in for. In the end, the cowboy doofus ended up dying in a knife fight. Not what I’d want on my tombstone, but hey, I’m not a wannabe cowboy.
Luckily, all this thug-three-piece encounter boiled down to a lot of yelling and fronting. The bad part is that the fallout is worsened racial tensions. Yes, it seems like an exaggeration, but it’s true. The white guy in suit came away from it probably angered, frustrated, and thinking that that stupid black kid is what all black kids he runs into are going to be like now, thus setting up a stereotype in his mind that he’s going to take with him and probably pass on to his friends. The black kid came away from it even cockier and will probably go on to do this to others. Little does he that he’s doing a great disservice to both himself and others like him, since his actions are definitely not indicative of blacks as a whole.
Anyways, it’s stupid and inane to have things like this go on, but as long as people refuse to think, we’re going to have these problems. Is there a cure for it? Possibly, but it isn’t one specific thing, it’s many. Once we get rid of our televised dependency and politicians bowing to the group that is the loudest as opposed to the group that is right, then maybe we’ll talk.