Suck on that San Francisco

Time and again, San Francisco comes up as the go-to example of a public wi-fi failure. It’s not a surprise as the Mayor is an incompetent ego-maniac and the City Council all want his job bu have forgotten that they need to theirs first. Essentially, there is never any consensus in city government and so little gets done except to stare in the gaping maw of a half a billion dollar deficit for 2010 because everyone keeps pushing their special interest programs. By the way, that deficit (we’re not talking budget here) is more money than the annual GDP of 20 countries in the world.
Barcelona may have twice the population of San Francisco, but somehow they’re able to run things a great deal better. The Metro flies along very nicely, the city is cleaner, and events thrive without shootings. It’s also the case that Barcelona has deployed a public, city-wide WiFi network. Now, I haven’t used it yet and will have to check it out on Tuesday when I’m there again, but the fact that a city which is not in the heart of all that is web, where internet is vastly more expensive is able to do this just goes to show what a dysfunctional heap San Francisco is these days.
Who knows, maybe San Francisco will get better soon, but in reality, I’m betting it will get a lot worse in the next six months or so. Honestly, it needs to and I’m planning accordingly…