Such a Bargain

So, you’re rambling along in London thinking, “Oh no no, I can’t afford any of this. It may seem cheap, but once it’s converted to dollars it’s out of my league.” Then, all of the sudden, after a decent binge at H&M where things are somewhat reasonable, you come across a large sign that says, “Any 3 Men’s Shirts for 85 Pounds” with a similar deal for women’s shirts at 70 pounds. The first amazing thing about this offer is that the women’s clothing is actually cheaper than the men’s. The second amazing thing is that it’s at Hawes & Curtis which despite having an incomplete website, have some very fine shirts.

Naturally, the girlfriend and I bought three shirts apiece. Yes, with the exchange rate that was about $156 for me, but honestly, you just can’t find shirts like these in the US. First of all, they’re fitted. Second, they’re double-cuffed so that you need cufflinks, which I like. Third, the women’s shirts actually have room for breasts, which is something the gay men designing for pre-pubescent boys over here don’t seem to realize is an issue.

It was a great deal. I don’t know how long it will go on for, but it was great while we were there. My only regret is that the men’s shirts all seem to come in some variation of blue, while the women’s shirts have more colors available. Not the end of the world by a long shot, but I’m just not always in the mood for the blue.