Stupid Questions

I was going to actually wait until tomorrow as I’m hoping to get some good pics of Bastille Day goings at at Belden Place today, but a thought popped in to my head and that is stupid questions.
I’ve no idea why we ask so many of these. You know what I mean. We start doing them as kids with, “Are we there yet?” No, of course you aren’t or you wouldn’t be asking.
For some reason I’ve suddenly become more aware of this and it’s at the front of my mind right now because the group in the office I’m doing some onsite contract work for is moving to another floor in the building. All kinds of dumb things are popping in to my head like, “Who am I sitting by?”, “Where am I sitting?”, “Can I have that bobblehead?” These questions are stupid. They’ve already been decided. I have no choice in them. So why ask them? I guess because we humans (or maybe just me) don’t deal well with uncertainty.
Anyways, that’s my thought for the day. Hopefully saucy pictures tomorrow.