Stupid Hummer H2

It wasn’t just the fact that I felt stupid trying to find parking on a Saturday night my neighborhood for an hour, but more the fact that I was following around people who were all trying to do the same thing. That statistic that there are a few thousand more cars than parking spaces in San Francisco was reverberating through my head as I circled around again and again.
Then, I saw him in his lacking-penis-machine otherwise known as a Hummer H2. This guy that was in front of me was doing the same thing I was and I was damned if I was going to see him get a spot before I did with that unwieldy square box of crap on wheels. So, at the next light, I made a left, he went straight.
I circled more, my arc getting greater as a six block walk from car to apartment didn’t seem all that bad at this point. I had driven 10 miles on city blocks for an hour! It was hopeless, but I needed to circle again, just to make sure I hadn’t missed anything. But then, as if to send a message I wasn’t going to park on the street, I saw jerkface in his Hummer backing in to a spot. That was the last straw. I gave up. I yielded. The street had won and the parking garage twenty feet from my apartment got my $15 for the evening.
I think I really need to get more superstitious when I rent a car and try to park it. There are signs when trying to find a spot and I ignore them, giving up chunks of my life in 15 minute intervals to enjoy the merits of circling like a jerk.