Stranger Than Fiction and Borat are Wicked Good

Borat is one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. Apparently a good deal of America agrees with me, since it earned more this past weekend than it did in its previous, opening weekend. Is it uncomfortable and edgy? You betcha. Do those who knew of Borat on Da Ali G Show long before he made it to the big screen feel like one of their favorite characters has been stolen from them? Yup. But, in truth, tossing a bigger budget at Sasha Baron Cohen has made for some big laughs. I don’t know how much this thing cost to shoot, but I doubt that much since it’s mostly done reality TV style. Having pulled in nearly 68 million just in the US to date has go to be making the studio execs very happy and will undoubtedly get us a “Funkzeit mit Bruno” (Cohen’s gay Austrian fashionista persona) movie very soon as well.
For those looking for a bit more upscale entertainment that is not only very, very funny but also extremely smart, look to the new Will Ferrell piece, Stranger Than Fiction. I thought that it was going to let me down from the trailer because it looked too good to be true, but it really, really worked. If the script doesn’t get nominated for at least a Best Original Sreenplay Oscar, I’d be stunned. It’s writing and cleverness along the lines of Being John Malkovich. Probably the most incredible part of it is that Ferrell has toned his performance way, way down. His comic timing is still great, but for once, he’s actually doing a good deal of acting. Toss in a supporting cast of Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman and you get a pretty solid acting line up.
So what does this mean? It means that for the first time in about three or maybe four years, I saw two movies in a month! This is how sad the movie industry has gotten, but it seems that given the fact they don’t know why their profits are down and mostly don’t want to accept the fact they’re not making good films, they seem to be allowing more out there films to be made. I hope the trend continues for a little bit, since I’m looking forward the Aronofsky’s, The Fountain coming out soon. Audiences seem to be divided over what to think about it, but I take that as a good sign. It’s kinda tough to get a film that takes place over 1,000 years.