Stop Expanding My Browser

Okay gang, knock it off. Yeah, it seems cute to have a browser window expand out to fully take up the screen, but stop. Seriously, stop. Those of us out there like me with 1600×1200 resolution, or even those at 1280×1024 don’t like having someone choose what size you want our browser to be. If you can’t fit it in to a 1024×768 screen size, then you’re nuts because anything bigger than that is going to take too long to download for us to wait around and see what the hell it is that was so important for you to explode our browser out to ridiculous sizes.
Take a hint from all the the other sites out there that used to do this, but dumped it in redesigns, it’s a pain. And yes, it’s great that we can usually design for a 1024 width, but doesn’t that tell you that overall screen sizes are going up? No, it doesn’t? Okay, then let me tell you that overall screen sizes are going up, thanks to flat panel LCD’s. Stop deciding my browser size. If your site does this, then unless I absolutely, for some god forsaken reason have to go there, I will avoid it at all costs. Understand?