Still Searching for Perfect Pistachio

God I love pistachio ice cream. When made right, it really is the finest thing to grace the face of the earth. Unfortunately, when it’s not amazing, it’s really, really not amazing and tends to drift towards massive chalkiness that isn’t enjoyable at all.
Now, it’s true that Ben and Jerry’s makes a very good pistachio, but it’s still not the pistachio. You see, it’s really the Italian-style gelato that is the best and it’s due to a trip to Venice and several to Croatia that I’ve fallen in love with this ice cream. Naturally, someone must have sensed this and for some reason, on my last trip to the Balkans I couldn’t find it anywhere. Not in Croatia. Not in Slovenia. Not in Italy. Not even in Austria.
Now that I’ve been left wanting for so long, I was very excited when I found pistachio in the ice cream shops around north-eastern Spain where I am now. But, upon tasting it, it has that chalkiness to it that I don’t like so much. One came close, but it still wasn’t the penultimate pistachio that I am hounding for like a drug addict. Back in San Francisco, the only other one that came this close was at Gelateria Naia, but even that just wasn’t quite there.
In a week and a half, I fly to Dubrovnik and I am curious if the mafia in control of the ice cream has re-released the pistachio. If so, I will be a very happy camper. It’s a minor thing and if I never find it again, the world won’t be any worse or less off, but such are the trivialities of life for a food junkie.