Okay, so first of all, I don’t know who uses the services of these individuals, since I can understand if you’re into women, then you use female hookers and if you’re into men, then you use male hookers. Why someone would want an individual tha tlooks like a woman, but is really a man is beyond my comprehension, but hey, I don’t swing that way, so it’s all okay.
At any rate, I had another bump in with one of them the other night as I was sitting down in my apartment lobby, swiping internet from an open wireless connection at the cafe across the street. There I was, minding my own business, when this large, ornately dressed “woman” comes up to the keypad at the entry and starts punching in random numbers. He/she was obviouslyu very spun out on some kind of drug. He/she also noticed me, sitting there after about five minutes of punching buttons and said in a dark brown voice, “Hello there.” I didn’t answer. The dark brown voice thing always gets me and scares the hell out of me. The eyes are saying, “Well, that looks like a woman” while the ears are saying, “You know, that really sounds like a man.” and then the brain eventually gets freaked out and does any normal brain would do and tells the feet to get the hell out of there.
He/she went away after a bit more banging on the keypad. The numbers on the pad happen to be listed right above it with names, so it was kinda weird that he/she was doing that, but so goes life in San Francisco when you live two blocks away from what must be the Transvestite Hooker Mecca of the known world.