Steroids, Mr. McCarthy?

It’s amazing. All of this recent to-do about steriods in professional baseball smack of the McCarthy witch hunt trials in 50’s. I’m hearing things like “name names” and what have you. It’s all really ridiculous.
While McCarthy and his evil, putrid ilk were starting off on what they felt was solid footing (rootin’ out them damned Commies) these hearings that are happening today are absurd. There is no reason for Congress to have any business in professional sports. It’s weird. It’s odd. It’s uncalled for and just plain bizarre. The last time I checked, there were a lot of problems in the US and one of them wasn’t pro-baseball. If anything that’s probably good for people since people like entertainment and sports are something that a lot of them find entertaining.
I have no idea where it’s going to end and what the overall purpose of this is. I doubt that many people out there will know, Congress included. I wish we could push things back and knock this crap off. Our politicians seem to think their gods (case in point, the Florida woman in a vegetative state that they say can be let die.) There are times when I wonder if the current system we have can be fixed with the current system or if we’re headed towards some kind of social revolution like the sixties.