State of Clothes

I went shopping at Macy’s a couple days ago and it was horrifying. This trend of beat up looking clothes continues. Not only that, these beat up clothes are coming in brighter colors and more clashing looks. It was scary. All I wanted was some simple, clean sweaters or other such items to wear on my upcoming trip. This was easier said than done, since the few things I found that even came near that were exorbitant in price and not really worth it.
Has that day come when I’m just an old guy who needs to go shopping at stores which sell casual European men’s wear? I wonder. But, wait, not more than three years ago, I was will finding clothes I liked and wore well, so I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that this is just a trend and the utter crap they’re selling will vanish someday soon. Afterall, I can’t go to Europe everytime I need a new pair of pants. Or can I? In the meantime, I’m sure saving a lot on clothes, because all I buy are new t-shirts, underwear, and socks. Most of that I even get for Christmas.