now Live

And on to other news back home, is now live. I wrote about this project by David Cohn sometime back, here and here. Well, this particular Knight News Challenge is out in the wild.
For those who are too lazy to click on my old links, it’s basically community-driven and funded reporting. Instead of paying a newspaper for stories you don’t like about things you aren’t interested in by people you don’t know, you now have an option. works to allow those in the community to pitch stories or likewise those who are journalists to pitch their stories for funding. It’s quite clever. There are of course others that have started up copying this format because it’s a genius format. I like the best because a) it’s simple b) it’s currently about the SF Bay Area (this will expand later) and c) Dave’s a cool guy who really makes you want to use this platform he’s spearheading the build on.
It will be interesting to see where it goes and I hope it succeeds because we need something like this. I’m sure that their interface will change a bit with time as well. Of course if something doesn’t work right from the get-go, let Mr. Cohn know. He’s quite responsive about his project, although he is not a coder, just a man with a plan that happened. now Live