Spaniards: Not Necessarily Lazy, but Lovin’ the Freebies

I am often told by certain Spaniards that I know when grabbing a couple of samples at Whole Foods or Cheese Plus that the free sample model doesn’t work in Spain. Well, it does in that people will gladly sample whatever you have to offer and sample it fast and in hoards. In fact, if one is not careful in how the free samples are handed out, a flock of Iberian locusts will descent and ravage whatever there is in no time.

So, let me set up the video below. This is at a tourism trade fair somewhere in Spain. The fellow at the beginning is talking to the guy filming, who is about to take somewhere around 100 umbrellas out to the trade fair floor as promotional items. Once he leaves the safe confines of the staging area, hilarity ensues:

2 Replies to “Spaniards: Not Necessarily Lazy, but Lovin’ the Freebies”

  1. did you see that woman near the beginning of the frenzy? handful after handful of cheap yellow umbrellas

    1. Yeah, it’s scary because there is no rhyme or reason to it. The fact of the matter is that it’s free, sometimes it rains in Spain, and it’s free.

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