As was noted on IT46, an add-on for Firefox 3.5 is now available that allows for a Swahili language interface. You can read all about it on the official page here. It’s pretty cool as it has been brought about due to the work of the Tanzanian Linux user Group. The only catch is that you do need to be running the latest and greatest Forefox to make use of it, which probably isn’t the worst thing in the world as what I’ve heard about this browser release sounds pretty darn good.
The only question that I’m left wondering about is to why there is an add-on for Swahili and not just a proper release of Firefox in Swahili? Surely it’s more work to create the add-on that to create a language interface? Is it the case that for Mozilla to grant a full Swahili version, there needs to be some university or other institution behind it? It’s all really quite baffling as it seems a proper Swahili version is so close for so many softwares.
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