Sorry, your Public Square is Temporarily Unenjoyable

For the last few days, the wide, flat roof of the Union Square Parking Lot, which is sometimes known as a public square has been occupied by some temporary building of some kind. I don’t know what it is, only that there are many of these such things that happen there.
This is the current state of this public square, which has been seen in this incarnation since 2002. Oddly enough, during the dedication, the mayor at the time, Willie Brown stated: “Use it; it is your square”
There are many times that I would like to actually take Willie’s up on his proclamation, but it’s usually the case that there is something in the middle of the square. Yes, sure, these things benefit the public in theory as they are open to the public, but why on earth do they need to be plunked down in the middle of one of the very few outdoor spaces in a very densely packed downtown center? It’s been a constant state of annoyance as, when the square is clear of things, it’s a decent spot where cafe tables spread out a bit, you can people watch and have some breathing room in the United State’s second most dense city.
But the reason for all of this is that the square was completely redesigned prior to 2002. I only have fleeting memories of the old square as it was closed for the rebuild shortly after my starting to live in the Bay Area. While the new square was heralded as this great change that opened up the square, I look at it as a great failure. For those who don’t remember the old square, take a look. The new square loses all the green and people space to make way for large concerts and other events to take over the square. Sure, people say that the old square was a problem because of the homeless, but that was more an issue of no one giving a damned about it anymore and letting it fall in to disuse. That could happen very easily with the new square.
To be honest, the way the new square functions and the constant appropriation of the space makes it hardly seem more appealing than this shot from awhile back.
Sorry, your Public Square is Temporarily Unenjoyable