Sometimes Berkeley is a Lot of Fun

There are times when the wackos of Berkeley give me a real lift in life. Such was the case last week.

I see this guy in the picture riding the Bart and getting off at the Downtown Berkeley station, which is where I got off. I thought nothing of him; just an eccentric, Raiders fans are often this way. I went to my class and thought nothing else of it.

During the duration of my class he either: found, stole, was given, or dug up, a frozen turkey from somewhere. It wasn’t with him when he got off the Bart, but when I was walking back, there he was walking around with the damned thing cradled in his arms going, “Blah blah blah. Blargh!” I kid you not. That really was what the guy was saying and it probably would have carried him in to some form of public office in Berkeley.

I didn’t have time to bust out my telephoto lens to get a closer shot of him, but I feel this one shot that I did get made life worth living.