Something a Little Different in the News

I met up with David Cohn the other night to chat about projects. Mine being The Maneno Project, Watotees, and Afractal and his being To recount a two hour conversation in a blog article is pretty stupid, but to summarize, I think what he’s doing is pretty damned cool in that it could easily be the next step beyond blogging to truly democratize journalism. works on the principle that people work to chip in to a campaign that either someone in the community has pitched or a journalist has pitched to the community. The cost is put in to the pitch and once the amount has been reached, a journalist will pull together and research the article. It’s a very novel concept that I had originally seen him pitch at the Social Media Barcamp a few weeks back.
He’s coming along quite well in the project it seems and while I originally thought he was a web coding geek like me, he’s actually a journalist by trade.Badge While it may seem like this could hinder the development of the technology behind the site, he’s smart enough to hire some people to do all the heavy binary lifting. He is spending his time spreading the word about the site and is also trying to do a couple of proof of concept projects based on how will eventually work. It’s very interesting to watch and if you’d like to learn more about it, head on over to the campaign page.
You can also read the wiki where he is constantly updating the information. Even if you don’t feel like putting in to this particular campaign (and if you live in San Francisco, I shame you!) keep checking it out and see what where this whole thing goes. I’m sure it will be an interesting ride as David is determined like crazy to make it work the best that it can.

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  1. You absolutely rock. Thank you for helping spread word. I do promise that if we get the full amount needed – this reporter will work his butt off to make sure the voters of SF go to the booths informed.

    Also: I’m loving the tea reviews. Sipping some Jasmine right now.

    Hope we get to meet up again soon.

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