Some Quiet for Once

Hey, wait, what’s the sound? There’s no god damned bongos around!
I realized that when out with some folks in the Haight last Friday that it was wonderfully calm and asswad free. It was only once the thought of, “Hey maybe the Haight isn’t so bad anymore.” had started to set in that someone pointed out Burning Man was happening and all of our caucasian dreadlocked breathren were there, not here. Thank god. Thank effin’ god.
I’ve never been to Burning Man, so how can I malign it so much? Simple. I’ve met tons of folks who go (since SF is the birthplace of it and something of a nexus) and rarely if every do I get along with them. The more hardcore they are, the punchable they seem to me. Spending a week in the desert of Nevada with these folks is appealing to me about as much as falling off my roof.
Sure, it started out good and from what pics I’ve seen of the art from years past, it looked pretty cool. I like people trying things and experimenting. I should do more of it myself than I do. But, given what I’ve seen lately and the crowds that are going, it makes me happy that there is a spot where all these choads can gather and “burn” together.
So, here is to a quiet, less beardly San Francisco for a little while. And with the Bay Bridge being partially closed this three weekend, this place is gonna be awesome! Ugh, but just wait for the patchouli stank to get back in town. I better live it up in the meantime!