Some Minor Things

Over on Belden Place I’ve been working with the backend code a little bit to try and optimize the thing better. I also reworked the photos section to be a tad bit more user friendly. Afterall, we can always use friendlier users.

Thursday saw the launch of Old First Concerts. While their old site had been around for some time and was actually PageRanked quite well, it ironically only had five pages. This represents about a month or more of work to get everything to pull from a database and have an admin section. I’d have to say that I’m pretty happy with it overall, but naturally there will still be a few tweaks and a ticketing system to go in to place.

I’m still trying to find the right time to go to my local Whole Foods so that I’m not surrounded by wankers on cellphones, but at the same time I get a good selection of produce. It’s a careful balance and I’m sure to find it soon.

Lastly, this heat effin’ sucks. Anyone who lives in San Francisco and says they love the heat is full of crap. If they really loved the heat, they’d live in the Sacramento Valley where I grew up and this time of year is about 95-110F until the beginning of September. I hate the heat. This is why I am proud to be in SF.