Soft Clothing

Having been to a couple of performances in Berkeley, I realized that the girlfriend and I needed to promise something to each other. It’s pretty simple. We need to promise never to wear “soft clothing” in public. You know exactly what I’m talking about. All these frizzy-haired former hippies cruise around it in. It’s things like flannel, wool socks in Birkenstocks (grrrr, just foul), stretchy fleece jackets, and of course, stretchy jeans.

I have no issue with these items worn at home, with the exception of wool socks in Birkenstocks, that’s just wrong and stupid, wear freakin’ shoes! When all of this is in the walls of one’s own home, it’s nice, it’s warm, it’s comforting. I happen to love soft clothing in the winter. I look forward to it even, and we’re all guilty of this lovely pleasure.

But never, under any circumstance should this stuff be worn in public unless you’re on the way to the gym and even that is questionable. It’s sloppy. It looks like you don’t give a crap about how you look and yet, you want everyone to know that. There are always those that can pull this look off, but they’re going to be in great shape, with hair so perfect you want to tear it out of their heads, and honestly, they can wear anything and make it work. Do not think you are one of these people! They are only 0.1% of our population.

With all that out of the way, I did sucker out and buy a fleece jacket from American Apparel that’s pretty comfortable and borderline “soft clothing”. The only thing that saves it from full on sloppiness is that you gotta stay trim to wear it, it’s pretty fitted, and it’s also rather European in style (should be good for my forthcoming Russia trip.) These are all good things that stop it from being damned to the “North Face” pile of feces that is Berkeley-Subaru/Volvo “fashion”.