Social Media Camp, San Francisco, 2008

I’ve hit the ground running once back in San Francisco and attended the Social Media Camp, which was a BarCamp style event last Tuesday.
The turnout for the event was decent, but from walking in on the first speaker Erica O’Grady it was apparent that this was going to be more of a concept camp and not a topic camp. By that I mean that there were a lot of buzzwords tossed around, but little technology or real dirt behind all of it like I want to see. This isn’t a bad thing though. For instance, my mom could learn a lot from a camp like this. Marketing people would also do well.
The one gleaming exception was David Cohn who has become one of my new local heroes, despite his beard. I hate exaggerating, but this guy could truly change the face of media. He knows his shit and he’s working to develop which is a platform to facilitate community funding of journalism projects. In some ways, it’s similar to ChipIn (also a cool project for crowdfunding) but takes it to another level. The talk he did shows that he’s thought a great deal about what he’s doing. Even if his system doesn’t take off, one like it will. It really is the future of print media, which is dying a miserable death currently.
The rest of the event fell in to two main categories, which I will quote from the Cohn: “a. Meeting good people b. everyone selling a startup” It wasn’t that it was bad by any shot, it’s just that it wasn’t insanely engaging with a good number of people really trying to sell things, like Yoono which is a decent idea, but nothing that I would ever install.
I’m realizing quite quickly as we move more in to Maneno that we need to pull together a PowerPoint presentation to keep at the ready on the X40. It makes a great deal more sense to be ready to present than just sit in the back and attempt to ask as smart a question as I can think of so that the presenter doesn’t get bored.
Social Media Camp, San Francisco, 2008

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  1. What’s wrong with my beard???

    Just kidding. But truth be told – I usually am clean shaved.

    Anyways: Thanks for the kind words. As I mentioned in the presentation right now the site is in development, but we’ve put up a wiki to start community building.

    The pitch I’m most excited about right now is to have a reporter fact-check the political advertisements for the upcoming election. It’s a chance for the citizens of San Francisco to not just demand more than horse-race coverage, but really acquire it.

    Perhaps our two organizations could find a way to work together?

    Hope all is well and please, keep in touch.


    1. Ha! Nothing’s wrong with the beard. It’s just that beards it hiptaculously in and I wanted to see if I’d get a rise out of you on commenting on it. Hoodies are also hiptaculously in and I wear one all the time, so feel free to return the jab.

      I can’t wait to see it go live. I plan to evangelize the crap out of it, so let me down! But yes, a talk would be good if for no other reason than an excuse to drink beer.

    2. Hudin! Glad to hear you’re back in San Francisco. Drop me a line sometime, I’d like to hear what you’re up to (and pick up another business card (gave the last one away)).

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