Sóc sexy i jo ho sé

Whilst proofreading the Empordà guide, some kids, spawned of the city folk that come out to this country house on weekends to stare at trees, went running by the open window. Jabbering away in Catalan, they were mainly just kicking around a soccer ball that my brother in-law’s dog usually dry humps during the week. Then, out of nowhere one of the kids blurts, “I’m sexy and I know it!”

Beyond coming from the mouth of a small child and from one of the most ridiculous songs MTV has pummeled in to our collective consciousness (from LMFAO), this crude intrusion of English in to the fine form of Catalan was unsettling. I had to go and pour myself a summery cocktail, which obviously had no bearing in the fact that I wanted a cocktail but more in the pain of what happens when languages and pop culture collide.

Back to proofreading…