So, they captured Saddam, huh?

Apparently the war on terror is over! The threat against the US has ended! Our consumerist lives have been spared! Why? Well, because they caught Saddam Hussein aparently. Oh wait, there are a few problems in this.
I am one of the few, who might turn into one of the more as time rolls on and wonder if this truly is Saddam Hussein that they captured or one of his doubles, which he had many of. It’s a strange way to catch a man who was so powerful. Admittedly, evil dictators haven’t always gone out in style, as was seen by Hitler committing suicide when everything came crashing down around him. But, keep in mind that Saddam is a very smart and very ruthless guy. From what they describe, this just doesn’t sound like the man that they had painted a picture of in the media.
For one thing, there was more than just a thought that Saddam had been helping the terrorists who have been attacking the Iraqi foreign installations. I find it hard to believe that a man found in the equivalent of a foxhole would be coordinating all of that. This man they captured was only armed with a pistol and a knife. That’s a little odd for someone who had all these weapons at his disposal. And lastly, what the hell would Saddam still be doing in Iraq? I know if I was being hunted by thousands of troops, the last place I’d be is in the country I used to be a dictator of.
There are a lot of things that just don’t quite add up, which seems to be the case with Bush Baby’s regime in general. Suffice to say, I simply don’t buy it. The man may look like Saddam, but he simply doesn’t seem like Saddam.
But hey, let’s run with it and say that he is Saddam. So, that means that the attacks in Iraq are most certainly going to continue. Since the Saddam that they captured couldn’t have possibly been leading anything, there is someone else in charge and that means that Saddam’s capture is probably going to only motivate them to cause more mayhem. That brings up an important question as well, in that what do you do with an iconic figure like Saddam Hussein? Toppling his statues in Iraq didn’t do anything to stop the loyalty towards him. So, in putting him on trial, you are given two options. The first is, if he is convicted, to execute him. That has only shown to immortalize someone and make them a martyr. I’m not inferring that these people are int eh same league as Saddam, but just look at JFK, MLK Jr., Malcom X, and a host of others who have been killed over the years that stood for something iconic. Their images become indelible. Their names become legendary. So, the other option, is to put Saddam in jail for life. This doesn’t work either, as seen with Nelson Madela in South Africa, who was in jail for 30 years, only to finally be freed and then become president of the country. People do not forget. And when it comes to having someone to be angry at, such as the US, people have a cause. With a cause, a memory and a symbol or icon, people are unstoppable, whether it be for good, or evil.
In the end, all of this may very well just end of being a symbollic gesture for the Bush Regime. It has been heralded greatly now, but the election is nearly a year off and Americans forget things so very very quickly.