So That’s Supposed to be Montenegro?

I watched the new Casino Royale over the weekend and enjoyed it. It’s nothing that deep, but it’s well done and a good watch. Definitely the best Bond flick in years. Of course, it helps that they’re just rehashing the original book again, but it seems this is the case the days with your Batman Begins, and Superman Returns, not to mention all the TV shows that are made in to films. Despite the fact the are very few original ideas in Hollywood these days, at least a good number of these film rehashes are good to watch.
Besides the rather ridiculous product placement throughout the film, the one thing that really cracked me up was their portrayal of Montenegro (or Crna Gora to those who know any Slavic language.) You see James and Vesper coming in on this very nice train to Montenegro. It’s the kind of thing you’d maybe see in France or Germany. It is not the kind of thing you’d see in this Balkan nation. Croatia and Slovenia have just gotten a few new and fast trains. I doubt they have made their way this far south yet, since there aren’t even that many rail lines in Montenegro. And where are they going? Podgorica, the capital? None of this is really explained of course because they were really shooting in the Czech Republic. This naturally explains that overhead shot of the train with all of the lush woodlands.
In truth, Montenegro is a beautiful country, but it is a rough kind of beautiful. The landscape is incredibly rugged and tough. Supposedly, this provides the backbone for the people as well, who take a good deal of pride in living there. I’m rather surprised that they didn’t film it there as I’m sure it would have been a good deal cheaper and more authentic than the Czech Republic. Of course, maybe they felt it would give a bad association and at the time of principal photography, they were still part of Serbia. Anyways, just a funny thing.