So… Sleepy…

Man, I want out, now. I want an out like a light, sleep like the dead, don’t wake til I say, night of sleep. Why is the Hudin so tired? Two words: movie shoot.

Over last weekend, I helped my bud, Paul Kramer through his massive short film undertaking. Help might be the wrong word, since I tend to direct and have trouble shutting up on things when it’s another director’s project, but I guess at the very least, I helped him schlep equipment around and that’s worth something. Oh yeah, I also did stills for the shoot, which you can view in the photos section. Like duh, er cher.

I know that everyone runs around thinking that film shoots are glamorous and this dream life, but they’re freakin’ tough. I don’t care who you are and what planet you might be doing them on, the amount of intense work that goes in to them can only be compared to what it must be like to get a NASA space shuttle off the ground. Although, given all the problems the space folks have been having, I think that we in film put in more effort.

Besides all the people involved from crew to cast and the equipment needed, there are just so many unknowns. For instance, a key crew member’s back went out. The weather was far more sunny for the shoot than we wanted. Things ran waaaay longer than planned and this bumped in to the next day. The list goes on and on. Rarely, if ever is this list full of things that are anyone’s fault. It’s just the movie shoot hitting the fan and it happens a lot. You can’t predict it and that’s what grinds you down.

I can tell you one thing though, after a 16 hour shoot, sleep is probably better than any possible drug you could ever buy.