So left because it’s so right

I’ve been driving on the wrong side of the road for about five days now. I’d love to say that yes, it’s due to an inordinate amount of wine drinking, but in reality, it’s due to driving in what was a former British colony known more properly as South Africa. I’m in Cape Town, specifically and on the Indian Ocean/Kalk Bay side of the Cape. It’s lovely here, but to get anywhere that I want to go (vineyards) means driving and that means coming to terms with driving on the left with a right hand drive car.
I think the first day was the worst when I was a passenger and I’m sure my host was getting tired of the constant, “Dude, where the fuck is the steering wheel?!!” jokes which were really just an echo of my inner terror as we throttled around the M3 at a “massive” 70kph. At ease, I was not.
The next day was my turn. I started off easy. A little trip down the road to the cafe for breakfast. Then a little run up the street. And then, full on driving at 100kph up to Stellenbosch, one of the wine regions. The fact that it was gusting rain and I was in a Hyundai that weighed maybe twice what I do helped the matter none-the-more. But, I did indeed make it. I also made sure to do only spit while tasting as there was no way that I’d handle being on the left side of the road while drunk, as the urge to drive in to the right (and in my head, correct lane) would be too great.
But it went well and it continues to go well. One of the only real problems I’ve found is that my left hand doesn’t like shifting. It was very happy just hanging out on the wheel, turning on the blinker when needed. This new active role as shifting hand is not something it is pleased about one bit. The other problem is turning. Remembering which lane to take on the turn is something that I constantly have to think about and roundabouts require me to constantly remember to look right for oncoming traffic as I turn left.
All in all, it is indeed a tad berserk, but it’s a berserk that I can handle. I still prefer the right side and driving on the left side of the car, but so far so good and I even hit the highway today in preparation for taking the car to the airport on Monday.
So left because it's so right