Slovenian Wine

They seem to mostly do whites here which are quite, quite good. But, when in Ljubljana, I tried two reds. They were both from a vintner named Movia who is on the coast. The cabernet sauvignon was good. I believe it was a 2001 and it had deep flavor, but like all cabs I have had from this reason, it was a bit too dry for my tastes.
Then I had a 2001 pinot noir also from Movia. That was amazing. I have never had a pinot like that before and it certainly kicked the ass of almost all the pinots I have had in California. Such a deep flavor and well, for lack of a better work, “yummy”. That aint too technical a description of things, but who cares, it is just so good.
These cost the equivalent of $5 USD a glass which the Slovenes find to be an outrageous price. Coming from the SF wine bar scene, that is less than half the price of what I am used to paying, so I am plenty fine with it.