Slapovi Kravice is Worth a Visit

These are a small set of waterfalls that are near Mostar. Much like visiting Počitelj, you’ll probably need a car to see them, since there aren’t any buses this way and they’re really out of the way. But, if you do manage to find them, you can take a swim in some really fresh water as well as just relax. Despite being in the middle of nowhere, they do have a restaurant and a couple of cafes there, since the locals know this spot, as well as a great number of tourists.

We spent maybe just an hour there and enjoyed it a lot. While not nearly as expansive as Plitvice or Krka in Croatia, it’s still cool and like most things in Bosnia Herzegovina, still free, unlike Croatia, where even city maps cost something from the tourist office these days…

Slapovi Kravice is Worth a Visit

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  1. That photo looks like an 18th century painting… I was actually confused for a moment!

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