Skadarlija Ulica is a Pleasant Evening

I’ve been in Belgrade, Serbia for a few days now and it’s been an extremely interesting trip to visit the country of a people who were completely vilified in western media. To this day, you mention the name Serbia and people still cringe. Well, as I figured was going to be the case, the people here are incredible friendly and just like elsewhere in the Balkans, very hospitable and welcoming. It really is paradoxical to think of how the whole war in this area started until you realize that it just came down to a couple of guys that were power hungry trying to grab on to territory and more power, who had those under them go along with it. But, that’s not a topic I want to really get in to more as it’s a touchy one to ay the least.
Belgrade is far too large to cover in one post and so I thought that I would make a quick mention of Skadarlija Street in the center of Belgrade. The center of Belgrade is awash in completely different types of architecture that show it’s varied past and the waves of other powers that have washed across its banks over the centuries. Obviously, the part that most people consider the ugliest comes from the Communist construction that dominated throughout most of the 20th century. I’m staying in an apartment that is a blaring salute to the building style of the Yugoslav government. But, we walked throughout the center of town, Elia and I came to a street which is actually more of a short alley that is called Skadarlija. It is something of the bohemian area of town and is a great respite from the Communist and Secessionist buildings that surround it. The buildings are small, cozy and inviting. It’s much more of the old style European town. While just a small spot, the atmosphere of it bleeds out to the surrounding area and it has a feel akin to how Haight and Ashbury in San Francisco bleed out, but the rampant and cheesy commercialism is missing here.
There are scads of restaurants here and they all look great. The really cool thing is that unlike Las Ramblas in Barcelona where the locals have been chased away, you still see the Belgradians having a meal there or enjoying the latest soccer match. It’s a lot of fun and cool to see before any kind of rampant tourism floods the area. If you find yourself in Belgrade (although I’m doubting much of my reading audience has any plans to visit the “white city” anytime soon) stop on by.
Skadarlija Ulica is a Pleasant Evening

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  1. Thanks a lot for your post… I couldn’t agree more with you!!!
    A handful of idiots gave this beautiful country such a bad name. People here are soooo nice and warm. We stayed in Zemun, and really enjoyed our stay. I’m definitely coming back!!! …Loved it!!!

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