Simply Disgusted

Just the other day, there was a report on the news about how US troops fired upon a wedding party in Iraq. I figured I would pass by it and forget it, as it seems most people do these days, since it is a bad situation over there that Bush has created. But, I actually did have a reaction and it was one of complete and utter disgust.
This “war” in that country has simply blown my mind. I just can’t fathom why the US is there and what they think they were doing. This, in conjunction with how most every other situation has been handled by the administration in this country, leads me to believe that Bush really is calling the shots. Someone of little intelligence and little thought as to the cause of actions could only carry out these fumbling, blind-sighted stumbles through events and situation. Naturally, this would point to Bush as the head of it all.
I keep thinking back to Gore and how he “lost” the 2000 election and I wonder how things would be different. I seriously doubt that we would be in Iraq and I believe the situation in Afghanistan would have some form of resolution to it. In fact, I think that the whole 9/11 debacle wouldn’t have happened, since I agree with Michael Moore in that it is retaliation for a business deal gone sour in Afghanistan which the Bush family were perpetrating. The combined with the definite fact that Gore would have carried out Clinton’s plan to hunt down Bin Laden would have continued and they would have either caught him, or at the very least, kept him on the run so that he could not orchestrate the plans that he did.
It’s just sad and depressing in the end of it though. The only thing I can say though, is to all of the people who voted for Nader, thinking it didn’t make any difference, you were a bunch of idiots who have caused a lot of suffering due to your political nonchalance. Don’t make the same mistake twice. Vote for Kerry this time around to get that fool out of the White House.